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Kill Me Romanticly [complete]

Yaaaay something new after so long. I should really try to write more lolololol

Title: Kill Me Romantically
For: salve
Pairing: RikuRoku
Prompt: "Love Me Dead" by Ludo
Warnings: R for uhhh naughty stuff
Summary: You suck so passionately
You're a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature
finger-bangin' my heart

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And I am off to bed. Good night.

and if you're hurting

stuff and things [complete]

Just two things I all ready wrote and posted at khyaoi and rikuroku

Title: Bones.
Pairing: slight Riku/Roxas centric
Rating: pg for drug abuse
Summary: dig through the soil to get to your bones.

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Title: The Night Shift
Pairing: Just Sora and Roxas centric
Rating: R for blood and gore stuff?
Summary: Sora hated working nights.

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light and dark

Pet; [complete]

Something I meant to get done along time ago. But why not do it now at 4 a.m. when I am suffering from bad night terrors?

Title: Pet
'For: lorei [I finally ddiiiiiiddd it]
Prompt: His little whispers./Love Me. Love Me./That's all I ask for./Love Me. Love Me./He battered his tiny fists to feel something./Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something./Monster./How should I feel?/Creatures lie here. Looking through the window...
Pairings: Riku/Roxas
Rating: a pretty solid R
Warnings: for disturbing imagery :B
Summary: Riku didn't like the light, but it had its good moments

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I'd Dodge a Bullet For You [complete]

x-posted to khyaoi.

I don't even fucking know why I wrote this. I am such a spaz.

Title: I'd Dodge a Bullet For You
Pairings: None, really. Unless you count brotherly Sora/Roxas
Rating: pg-13 to r?
Warnings: blood and character death
Summary: Sora would do anything for his brother, even kill.

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keyboard SMASH

Waiting for a Cracked Moon [complete]

The first of a few drabbles written for the rikuroku community. Also, cross posted to khyaoi

Title: Waiting for a Cracked Moon
For: riku_replica
Prompt: Monsters in the closet
Pairing: Roxas/Riku
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Humans are always like that, right? Selfish and petty. They'd break the moon if they could get what they wanted.
A/N at end of story

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